(custom worlds, skintones, and free meshes)

I am no longer taking requests for worlds, but I might be willing to create height and splat maps so you can get to the rest of building yourself. Feel free to inquire. I'm in the market for a partner: someone who will get my meshes and textures into Sp3e etc. and working in the game. I'm just an artist and I'm so busy, I know I need a partner if I start making CC build/buy/CAS objects. I *am* thinking about doing animations eventually, though!


The stories in my comics take place in my own custom made worlds and will usually be meant for more mature audiences. My games are heavily modded, and the relevant content creators are listed on a Credits page. The Sims franchise is copyright of Electronic Arts. The only intellectual property of mine are the fictional settings, characters, and story that unfolds around my gameplay. (As well as a bit of digital enhancement in Photoshop). 


If you are a modder, and you'd like to request my artistic services to edit meshes in ZBrush, or to use one of the meshes I've already created, I'm happy to contribute, as long as my works are not sold, distributed or edited by third parties, and they must remain in Sims only - no modifying for Unity or Poser sites!


Thanks fo reading! Now off you go, download what you like, or bookmark me for now, because I'll have more stuff for you in the future! :)


***Sometimes I reblog other simblr's creations.

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My downloads are free! You aren't obligated to pay for anything hosted on my site. But if you are feeling especially thankful, tips can be a big help. I can conscionably reserve more time for making worlds and things, when my hobbies give back to my family in some way. :)